Dragon cave - Zmajeva špilja

"... prvorazredni spomenik pećinskog pustinjačkog života, koji vas neće ostaviti ravnodušnim."

The dragon's cave is situated 300 meters above Murvica, a small settlement on the southern sloppes of the island, five kilometers from Bol. It is monumentous celebration of the hermite life in the sanctuary of the cave riddled with the reliefs, figures and shapes, some as yet not entirely understood. Appeasing the pagan and the Christian belifs, rich in ornaments and marked by abundance of meanings, the Dragon's cave is not likely to leave you indifferent.

Zmajeva špilja smještena je 300 metara iznad Murvice, 5 kilometara zapadno od Bola na južnoj strani otoka Brača. Prvorazredni je spomenik pećinskog, pustinjačkog života, u kojem se mire poganski pogledi na svijet s kršćanskim poimanjem istog. Ukrašena mnoštvom reljeva čije značenje ni do danas nije u potpunosti razjašnjeno, mjesto je koje vas sa sigurnošću neće ostaviti ravnodušnim.

Čvrsta obuća | Solid shoes

Potrebno je da obujete čvrstu obuću kao tenisice zbog uspona do špilje.
It is necessary to wear solud shoes so you could climb uphil to the cave.

Voda | Water

Ponesite dovoljno vode, cijeli izlet traje cca 4 sata.
Bring enough water for a 4 hour trip.


Fabulous (Based on 28 TripAdvisor reviews)

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Sara B

Wonderful 4 hour tour and hike to the historical cave. The amazing enthusiasm and knowledge about this sight, brought to you by Zoran, is worth experiencing while visiting Brac.


Very interesting experience, especially if you like history of your nation and your country. Zoran, the tour guide, has a great knowledge about the cave and surrounding areas, even about the whole region. You can tell that history he talks about is something he’s interested in. His English is very good. Climbing is not that difficult but you need good shoes and water. Once you get to the cave you’re going to hear very interesting story about the place, the island and history of this part of Croatia. Not only from his perspective but also a few different theories made by experts in that field. The tour lasts for around 4.5 hours, including climbing and going downhill, but I would strongly recommend it. Especially to Croats.


his was the most memorable, informative tour that we have taken. the guide was simply enthused and hugely on his subject. It was hot, it was a steep walk and yet the entire 3 hr experience was a joy. it cant really be described, it has to be experienced. Perhaps not for young children ...maybe teenagers upwards....

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Moguće je dogovoriti transport na vašoj lokaciji do Murvice.
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